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2022 hot sale household air purifier replacement pool humidifier air filter replacement

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Ionization of water molecules through air, producing 2000-4000 anions per square centimeter, can effectively improve air quality, enhance disease resistance, sterilization and moisture retention. Adopt internal integrated nebulizer, and equipped with anhydrous protection device, the diameter of the fog particles produced is only 1-10μm, can quickly make water atomization, water fog suspended in the air for a long time, thus increasing air humidity.

Humidifier-filter Performance: Adjusting indoor humidity, Improving environmental comfortable Material: Humidify paper & fiber, etc.

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Usage Of Negative Ion Humidifier:

1. Change the water every day and wash it once a week. An unclean humidifier can cause microorganisms such as mold to enter the air with the moisture. Therefore, the water in the humidifier should not be used for more than 24 hours, and should be cleaned once a week or so.

2. Do not use the humidifier overnight. Humidifiers can be turned off in a few hours rather than on all day. If the air humidity is too high, it will make the human respiratory system and mucous membrane discomfort, resulting in decreased immunity. It is recommended to control the indoor humidity at about 55%, and timely open Windows for ventilation.

3. Don't blindly add drugs or other things. Do not blindly add drugs or other substances to the humidifier to simulate the effect of perfume or hospital atomization. Each person's constitution is different, so are the allergens. Adding drugs or other things to the humidifier is likely to cause greater harm to the respiratory tract.

4. do not directly add tap water. Trace elements contained in tap water are easy to produce white powder, which not only pollutes indoor air, but also may induce asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia and other diseases after these substances are sprayed with fog. It is recommended to use pure water and cold boiled water for humidification. If conditions are available, the pure water can be boiled, and the humidifier can be added after cooling. The effect is good.

How To Choose Air Purifier?

1.  Should consider the service life of the purifier, maintenance is not simple. If there are some products because of adopting the principle of filtration, adsorption, catalytic purifier use increases with time, saturation, filter bravery is air purifier to purification equipment capacity decline, need to clean and replace filter and filter, the user should choose to purify a regenerative capacity filter bile (including high catalytic activated carbon), to prolong service life. Some electrostatic products do not need to replace the relevant modules, as long as the regular cleaning.

4. Match the pattern of the room with the purifier should be considered comprehensively. Air purifier inlet and outlet air design has 360 degrees of circular design, but also one-way.

5. To choose the correct function of the purifier filter. For example, if HEPA and Activated Carbon are used alone or in combination, it is important to understand their structure and performance.

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