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2022 hot sale household Dyson purification multifunctional eliment filters replacement

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Brief introduction of Filter element of Dyson air purifier

The filter core of Dyson air purifier is an air purifier featuring activated carbon filter and HEPE filter.

Two necessary hard indicators of air purifier: it is necessary to ensure that indoor air reaches a certain number of ventilation times, that is, the fan built into the air purifier is required to have a certain air volume. The international standard is to ensure five air changes per hour in the applicable area.

  • FOB Price: US $3 - 20 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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    HEPA Filter Grade:


    Dyson air purifier is a better brand among air purifier brands. Dyson air purifier has good purification effect. At the same time, there are many product types of Dyson air purifier, which is relatively convenient for consumers to buy. The use effect of Dyson air purifier is more determined by the filter element of Dyson air purifier.


    Compound filter structure:


    The advantages of Dyson air purifier filter element

    1, the particle size of 0.3 micron particle purification efficiency of more than 99.9%.

    2, contains catalytic activated carbon adsorption layer - activated carbon for harmful gases in the air, odor and other strong adsorption capacity, Dyson air purifier filter element catalytic activated carbon can be side adsorption, side decomposition, will not produce secondary pollution, greatly extend the service life.

    3, AV-990 sterilization finishing technology - effectively kill most of the bacteria in the air.

    4. Pollutant detection technology -- laser scanning of tiny organisms using optical principle to effectively detect pollutant concentration.

    5, intelligent display - real-time detection and analysis, time display in the environment of smoke, bacteria, odor concentration and relative humidity charge filter life.

    6, the market started early, has a certain popularity, fashion appearance

    7. In addition, the biggest advantage of the Filter element of Dyson air purifier is that it will not produce ozone, which causes cancer, like the purification of electrostatic dust collection technology.

    Why do us all need an air purifier?

    In summary, this is the introduction of knowledge about Dyson air purifier filter element. If you are interested in Dyson air purifier filter element, you can still learn about it. When we use the air purifier, we must replace the filter element regularly, so as to ensure the effect of use. We should also pay attention to the purchase, it is best to choose some products like Dyson air purifier filter core, so as to better ensure our use effect, avoid respiratory disease.

    What is the Air filter / filter element ?

    Air purifier filter generally has pre-effect filter, medium effect, HEPA filter, activated carbon filter and so on. 

    The thickness, fineness (mesh ) and placement of each layer of filter , function and service life are not the same.

    The Pre-effect filter is generally placed in the first layer, with the shortest life and the need for frequent replacement; 

    Second to medium effect filter, placed in the middle; Hepa filters are usually placed in the last layer and have the longest life. 

    The main performance is to capture of small solid particles in the air, efficiency fromH11-H14.

    And the activated carbon filter screen mainly adsorbs the harmful gas in the air, so as to achieve the effect of purifying the air.

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