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air clean air purifier H13 Grade True Hepa Premium Replacement Filte Set for philips brand

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Philips filter overview:

For example, before and after Philips 998, no matter the quality or performance of AC2 is 5-person, the price of full-screen display is slightly significant, the changes can be observed at any time, and the working situation is obvious, giving people the feeling is to appreciate.

Let’s take a closer look at Philips’ air purifiers below:

First of all, starting from the company, Philips has a certain position in the market of household appliances, and it is also a leader in the technology of household appliances. And its research and development achievements in the field of purifiers are also very important in the recognition of related achievements. In 2017 and 2017 and when the “Zhihengzhi” project was selected, CADR, underground CCM and acquisitions were all excellent.

  • FOB Price: US $3 - 20 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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    How often to change Philips air purifier filter element

    The filter element of Philips air purifier is generally replaced every 6 months, but because of the different models, the consumables of the air purifier are also different, and the air environment used by each family is also different, and the replacement frequency will be lower in places with good air. In places with poor air quality, the replacement frequency will be higher.

    The air purifier in my home is AC4004, and I clean the filter when the air purifier's clean filter light is on. The method is to first turn off the power, unplug the plug, and then slowly pull out the front shield from the bottom, then take out the front filter, and take out the full-effect filter behind the front filter, put the front filter Rinse under the faucet, and if very dirty, use a soft brush, but not bleach or alcohol.

    Philips air purifiers can be divided into four series, namely healthy new home series air purifiers, living series air purifiers, air purifiers with humidification function and bedroom series air purifiers.

    How to tell if the purifier needs to replace the filter element

    1. Use an air detector

    If the data of the air detector was relatively normal before, and suddenly found that the indoor air quality is much higher than before, and the indoor air quality has not reached the qualified indoor air quality, the filter element needs to be replaced at this time. Many air purifiers have automatic detection function, but the detection It is only the air quality near the air purifier, which does not represent the air quality of the whole room. It is still recommended to use an air detector.


    2. Automatic judgment of the purifier system

    In the state of wifi mode, many machines are relatively intelligent, and can automatically calculate the filter life of the air purifier according to the accumulated use time and indoor operating environment, and can be replaced when the service life is less than 10% .


    3. Judging by time

    If the purifier is not intelligent, it can be judged according to the time. Under the normal pollution level, the air purifier is allowed 24 hours a day at ordinary wind speed (third gear wind speed). The multi-functional filter element can be replaced once a year to a year and a half, and the top-level fine filter HEPA net can be replaced once a year and a half to two years.

    Philips air purifier filter adapter model

    1. Philips air purifier filter FY3107 original filter element adapted to AC4076AC4016AC4074

    2. Philips filter FY3137 genuine household formaldehyde effective nano protection suitable for AC3252

    3. Philips filter FY3137 genuine household formaldehyde effective nano protection suitable for AC3252

    4. Philips air purifier filter FY6177 formaldehyde nano protection filter suitable for AC6606/6608

    The air filter is the core component of the entire air purifier. It plays the most critical role, while other components only play an auxiliary role. The quality of the filter is the most critical factor that directly affects the purification effect of the entire machine. . Therefore, it is very important to choose the right filter manufacturer.

    Analyze the internal structure of the air purifier 

    The air filter is the core component of the air purifier. It is the motor that determines the lifespan, the filter section that determines the purification efficiency, and the air duct design, chassis shell, filter section, and motor that determine whether it is quiet. The following is a brief description of several main components: 

    1. Motor and fan 

    As the core and essential accessory of the air purifier, the motor fan is mainly used to control the circulation of the air, inhale the air with pollutants, filter it and then blow out the clean air. 

    2. Air filter 

    Most air purifiers on the market mainly use air filters to purify the air. Other purification devices actually only play an auxiliary function, so the quality of the air filter is the most critical factor that directly affects the effect of the air purifier. Air filters are mainly divided into two types: one is particulate air filter, and the other is organic air filter. Particulate filters are divided into two types, namely coarse air filters and fine particulate air filters; organic air filters are further divided into formaldehyde removal air filters, deodorizing air filters, activated carbon air filters, and polar carbon core filters. Air filter, etc.

    3. Water tank 

    As air purifiers receive more and more attention from consumers, the functions of air purifiers are not limited to air purification. By increasing the design of the water tank structure, the air purifier can also humidify the air while accomplishing its basic mission. effect.

    4. Intelligent monitoring system 

    The intelligent monitoring system can be simply understood as the supervisor of air quality. It uses the built-in monitoring equipment to make real-time judgments of good, medium and poor air quality. In this way, users can choose to use an air purifier according to the air quality.  In addition, the intelligent monitoring system can also monitor the life of the filter, the water level of the water tank, etc., so that users can understand the working status of the air purifier. 

    6. Negative ion generator and high-voltage circuit  Negative ion generator and high-voltage circuit are generally used as auxiliary purification functions, mainly sending negative ions together with clean air. Negative ions have the functions of sedation, hypnosis, analgesia, increase appetite, and lower blood pressure. After a thunderstorm, people feel comfortable because of the increase in negative ions in the air. Negative air ions can reduce the reactive oxygen species (oxygen free radicals) produced by atmospheric pollutants, nitrogen oxides, cigarettes, etc., and reduce the harm of excessive reactive oxygen species to the human body.

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