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Detachable Hepa Air filter Replacement For Dysons Purifier Pure Cool Link Tp01 Tp02 Tp03 Bp01

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How many kinds of household air filter are there?

Ideal ventilation and air conditioning systems are equipped with air filters. The air filter is divided into three kinds: primary effect, medium effect and high efficiency. Available according to different requirements. Use the appropriate grade of filter. General household is mainly divided into haze, hair, dust, particulate matter and formaldehyde and other harmful gases. The air conditioning system of sterile operating room should be equipped with at least primary or medium effect filter. The number of ventilation and air change in the operating room should be more. When the filter efficiency at the end of the two-stage filtration system is above, the number of air change should be once per hour. If a HEPA filter is installed, the number of air changes per hour is one, so that the number of bacteria in the air during the operation can be kept within a safe range. Then, Dyson Air purifier can meet all the functions at home and hospital level.

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Install household HEPA filter to avoid dust operation:

The installation of Dyson high efficiency air filter shall comply with the following provisions:

1 Household indoor HEPA filter should be installed immediately after the appearance inspection is qualified;

2 Installation of Dyson high efficiency filter frame should be smooth, clean, the flatness of each filter installation frame deviation, shall not exceed 1 ~ 2;

3 The installation direction of the Dyson filter must be correct, after the installation of the filter around and interface, should be tight without leakage;

4 high efficiency filter using mechanical seal, should use airtight pad seal, its thickness is 6~8, and close to the filter frame; After installation, the compression of pad should be uniform, and the compression rate is 25~50%; Scan for leak detection after installation;

5 When the high efficiency filter adopts hydraulic seal, the groove frame is installed horizontally, and there shall be no leakage phenomenon; There is no dirt or moisture in the tank. The height of the sealing liquid in the tank should be 2/3 of the depth of the tank, and the melting point of the sealing liquid should be higher than 50℃.

Efficient filter element layout should meet the following requirements:

1, when parallel to the decorative layer or the flow layer is arranged on the air supply surface of the lower part of the plenum, the filter full ratio should be no less than 0.75.

2. When arranged on the side of the plenum, it can be arranged on one side or the opposite side. The ratio of the filter on the side should not be less than 0.75, and the air flow in the plenum should be fully mixed.

3. When limited by the height and indoor maintenance is not allowed, the filter can be arranged outside the plenum by the air supply surface with leakage resistance function, but it should be as close to the plenum as possible, and the air flow in the plenum should be fully mixed. The full ratio of clean air should be less than 0.85.

4. For clean areas below grade 100, when the air supply port is centrally arranged, the final stage HEPA filter in the air supply port can be centrally arranged or dispersed, but the flow sharing layer must be set up on the air supply surface.

5. All clean rooms in the hundred-level laminar flow operating room should adopt bilateral lower return air; When the distance between the two sides does not exceed 3m, air return under one side can be used, but four corners or four sides should not be used. Clean corridors and clean corridors can use upturn air.

6. Indoor return air should be used in all the 100-level laminar flow operating rooms, and no residual pressure valve should be set up to return air to the corridor.

7. The upper vent must be set up in the 100-level laminar flow operating room, and the position should be on the top of the patient's head. The blast speed of the exhaust outlet should not be greater than 2m/s.

When replacing the filter element of household indoor HEPA filter, attention should be paid to:

1. Manage personnel and items in and out of the operating room.

2. Try to avoid too much dust flow in the indoor environment.

3. When replacing the purifier equipment, the interval should ensure enough self-cleaning time.

4. All cleaning work shall be wiped with wet cloth during the operation of the purification system.

5. The purifier equipment should be wiped clean after the previous installation.

Operating room purification system HEPA filter network change cycle reference:

The high efficiency filter of the operating room purification system is an important guarantee for the sterile environment of surgery. According to the relevant national standards, the high efficiency filter of the operating room needs to be replaced every 3-6 months to ensure the purification effect.

Preparation for replacement of high efficiency filter in the operating room:

1. Manage personnel and items in and out of the operating room.

2. Powder gloves shall not be used in the laminar flow operating room.

3. It is strictly prohibited to fold all kinds of cloth dressings or bring personal belongings, books and newspapers into the operating room.

4. Emergency surgery should be performed in the outermost operating room of the operating department, and infection surgery should be performed in the operating room near the dirt channel.

5. Continuous operation of the operation equipment shall be ensured with sufficient self-cleaning time at intervals. (2 Infection prevention and management)

6. All cleaning work shall be wiped with a wet cloth during the operation of the purification system.

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