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Green Air Cartridge Filter With Activated Carbon Replacement For Xiaomi Mi 1 2 3 2s Pro Pro H Air Purifier

Short Description:

Xiaomi air purifierfilter replacement

In other words, most families have 2 air purifiers, which can meet the air needs of the whole house. The air purification of small apartments requires more purification space for products. If you want to use them in the lobby, they work together in multiple places, not only There is a larger area of ​​space, and the cost is also higher.

In order to solve the pain point of purifying the space, the Xiaomi purifier multi-effect filter (it is a carbon cloth with high energy efficiency), this is an air purifier designed by  for the space, which may be able to quickly complete the purification work, and has the ability to remove formaldehyde, Purification ability, etc., all-round powerful purification ability of filtration and removal of the original, one device can meet the air purification needs of daily households.

  • FOB Price: US $3 - 20 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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    Appearance design

    TheXiaomi purifier still maintains the original style. Because of the Xiaomi style, in the large-sized indoor air purifier, although there is a new style in appearance, the main air purifier of the Xiaomi purifier is in the crowd. It shines in the middle, the Xiaomi purifier is popular and can be used in a large space, H commercial and other equipment in the traditional space, the Xiaomi machine meets the air purification needs of 96 square meters.

    The Xiaomi air purifier is equipped with an OLED display, which can display PM2.5 and formaldehyde values. The formaldehyde value can be displayed to three decimal places. It is more sensitive to formaldehyde and the display is more accurate.

    Xiaomi air filter structure:

    The Xiaomi air purifier filter element is made of high-end raw materials, so as to effectively remove solid formaldehyde


    For PM2.5, a laser particle sensor is used, which can keenly sense the two filter elements in the Xiaomi air purifier, using 5-fold filtration, including:

    1. The washable primary filter is used to intercept large-volume pollutants such as debris and hair, and prolong the life of the filter element.

    2. Antiviral coating, which is used to destroy viral proteins, make them inactive, and play an antiviral effect.

    3. Antibacterial coating, can inhibit and destroy bacteria.

    4. High-efficiency nano-scale filter material can intercept 99.98% of pollutants of 0.08-0.09μm.

    5. Porous impregnated activated carbon can be used to absorb gaseous pollution such as formaldehyde and VOC.

    How to install the Xiaomi filter replacment ?

    The Xiaomi air purifier filter element can filter pollutants in the air, including pollen. According to official data, the removal rate of pollen allergens in one hour has reached 99%, which can reduce the occurrence of allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis. Vulnerable groups such as pregnant women, infants and the elderly are more friendly.

    Strength of Xiaomi filter element ?

    The RFID code is built into the filter element, which can automatically identify the life of the filter element. The standard life of the filter element is 1 year, and the device will prompt the user when it expires.

    After a short experience, the performance of Xiaomi air purifier 4MAX is still very good. The efficiency of air purification is higher than that of ordinary air purifiers, and it can cover a larger space. Although it is a product for large spaces, it is It is also very suitable for family use, especially in newly renovated families, there will inevitably be some formaldehyde, which cannot be quickly removed. An air purifier that efficiently removes formaldehyde is even more important.

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