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Activated carbon is an internationally recognized efficient adsorption material, as early as the “World War I”, it was used in gas masks. Activated carbon is widely used in cars and indoor air purification. Activated carbon is a porous carbon material, its rich space structure make it has large surface area, so it’s easy to contact with toxic or harmful gases in the air is full, the strong adsorption of activated carbon holes around the force field will immediately to the suction hole, toxic gas molecules so active carbon has strong adsorption ability also is the main technique to remove gaseous pollutants. Activated carbon adsorption technology is mainly divided into two categories: physical adsorption and chemical adsorption.

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Activated Carbon Filter Material

Activated carbon is made from coconut shell, with chlorination activity > 60% activated carbon screen. Activated carbon granule, activated carbon non-woven cloth, activated carbon foam and plate activated carbon filter. The outer frame can be made of waterproof cardboard, galvanized iron frame, aluminum frame and stainless steel. According to the environmental requirements, choose different materials of activated carbon materials. It is suitable for chemical, electronic, pharmaceutical, food, hospital and other industries. Activated carbon particles can be supplied in packs, or made into metal frames, or according to customer requirements.

The Performance Of Activated Carbon Filter:

Physical adsorption is mainly aimed at the adsorption of molecular organic gases (such as benzene and TVOC) through the microporous structure of activated carbon itself. Chemical adsorption is mainly aimed at some small molecule gaseous pollutants (formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen oxides, etc.), for example, because of the small molecule gas is adsorbed easily again after release form secondary pollution, so to activated carbon for chemical processing, makes the adsorption gas react with chemical composition, so as to achieve the adsorption effect.

How To Differentiate Activated Carbon:

Improve the adsorption performance of activated carbon, only as much as possible in producing activated carbon pore structure, porosity, the more the degeneration the activated carbon, relative density and the more light, so the good feel is comparatively light, and will be activated carbon under the condition of the same weight packing, good performance than inferior bulky many activated carbon.

Notice: Consumers of activated carbon understanding is not enough, often not activated bamboo charcoal, charcoal, coconut shell charcoal and other carbonization materials mistaken for activated carbon; Secondly, the low adsorption value of carbon carving, ordinary activated carbon as high quality activated carbon. Remind you to distinguish, do not be deceived.

Activated carbon filter adaptation model: adaptation of various models, such as Philips, etc. (welcome to customize)

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