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H13 Replacement Xiaomi 4 Active Carbon Hepa Filter For Mi Air Purifier 4 4 Pro Filter Element Replacement

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Air can not only be purified, but also disinfected? Recently, Xiaomi Mall crowdfunded a Mijia disinfection air purifier, which is also the first product with significantly upgraded functions after the four iterations of the Xiaomi Mijia air purifier. Adopting the antibacterial patent technology of Peking University Third Hospital, and successfully auditing and filing in the National Health Commission, in this special period, it has to be said that it is a particularly important innovation in the field of household air purification.

On the outer packaging, the Mijia disinfection air purifier filter element is still wrapped in an environmentally friendly carton similar to the Xiaomi air purifier, and the interior is fixed with a foam mold to ensure that the machine is not damaged during transportation. I specially looked at the product information post, and the manufacturer is still Huashengyi, a Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise, as well as the manufacturer of Xiaomi air purifier filter elements. In the past, it also forcibly improved the quality of the air purifier filter while reducing the cost, and this also made Xiaomi the air purifier brand with the highest share. This time the launch of high-end products with disinfection and purification two-in-one

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    In appearance, the Mijia disinfection air purifier is also different from the previous generations of Mijia air purifiers. The upper part is still white and simple, while the lower part has been upgraded to a metallic texture spray paint, which is more upscale at a glance. In the design of the air path, the 360-degree air intake at the bottom is used. After being filtered inside the inner filter element, the design of the air outlet at the top helps to improve the circulation efficiency of clean air. Xiaomi has done a very mature job in this regard. Therefore, this filter element has also undergone great changes, because the side-opening type of the machine has become a top-opening type. Its upper and lower parts are fixed by bayonet, and the two parts can be separated through the hidden release button, and then the filter compartment can be seen. The upper and lower split structure can make the fuselage design unobstructed at a glance, and the top grille above can be disassembled, which can effectively reduce the difficulty of cleaning the body.

    filter structure:

    In terms of the internal filter element, it uses white, which has never been used in the color of the Xiaomi air purifier filter element, which also means that it is different from the previous filter element. At the same time, the size is also much larger, which is a full circle larger than the ordinary filter element. It is mainly composed of three parts: the outer primary filter, the middle Hypa filter, the special material coating and the inner activated carbon layer. The difference is that this time the filter element has added a double anti-coating coating, especially the use of the patented antibacterial technology of Peking University Third Hospital, which can not only remove indoor formaldehyde, TVOC and other harmful substances like traditional air purifiers, but also disinfect the air. The sterilization rate is as high as 99.98%, which can easily inactivate common bacteria and viruses, and can also inhibit bacterial regeneration, achieving the effect of sterilization while purifying. As a Xiaomi air purifier that has always been known for its cost-effectiveness, the filter element this time still adopts a long-term mechanism, which can be replaced once every 6 to 12 months. Although the price range of the filter element has not been announced, I believe that every rice fan can easily Affordable standard.

    In addition, an ultraviolet UV lamp is also set at the bottom of the upper part, which can continuously irradiate the lower filter element and the air inside to form a double sterilization effect, and then cooperate with the built-in high-energy plasma generator to continuously release positive and negative ions to actively kill the air. Under the action of triple sterilization, it can effectively kill common influenza viruses, enteroviruses, and various bacteria and allergens that exist in the air. It has also passed the Rhine National Care certification, and truly achieves dirty air entry and completely clean air. out effect.


    For the first use, remove the filter element from the sealed package, and then install it into the filter element compartment at the bottom to start normal use. It has an OLED screen on the front, and a touch button on the top, bottom, left, and right to adjust the function and gear of the purifier. This screen can display the temperature, humidity and PM2.5 environmental values ​​in real time, and also indicates the opening of the wind speed sterilization UV lamp. The outermost ring also uses green, orange and red to prominently remind us of the air quality around us. Other Xiaomi air purifiers are not much different.

    As Xiaomi's own purifier, it is also essential to connect to Mijia to realize intelligent linkage. On the one hand, it can be controlled remotely by mobile phone or Xiaoai's voice, and on the other hand, it can also remotely see the real-time status of indoor air at any time. Be aware of it. Thanks to the PM2.5 and PM10 dual-effect sensors on the back of the purifier, the air condition can be accurately sensed, and it can be automatically activated when it exceeds the standard.

    Purification effect:

    In terms of purification efficiency, Xiaomi's air purifier has always been particularly outstanding. When tested with a wind tester, the wind speed can reach a maximum of 5.7 meters per second, which is larger than that of a traditional hair dryer. The marked applicable area has also reached 42~72 square meters, and the two rooms and one living room of ordinary families can be fully covered. The formaldehyde CADR value also reaches 310 cubic meters per hour, so there is no need to worry about performance.

    This major upgrade of the Mijia air purifier filter element can be said to be a change that keeps pace with the times. Whether it is the harmful gases such as formaldehyde generated by home decoration, or the bacteria and viruses remaining in the air, it can be wiped out in one go, greatly reducing the elderly and children. This kind of risk of disease in susceptible people, an extra layer of protection is added to families with pets or friends who are prone to allergies. Since then, Xiaomi air purifiers have also completed the allocation of low, medium and high grades while ensuring cost performance. Make sure that every rice noodle and his family can breathe clean air.

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