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Haier Air Purifier Filter replacement hepa And Activated Carbon Filter For Haier Kj340f-eaa Kj350f-eaa

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Haier air purifier and its screen overview:

Formaldehyde is a hot topic around us. Formaldehyde is a kind of pungent odor of toxic gas, there are many kinds of harm to the human body, especially the elderly, children and pregnant women have a greater impact. There are many ways to get rid of formaldehyde, the simplest of which are ventilating through Windows, growing plants indoors, and using an air purifier. Recently, the heat of Haier air purifier is very high, and the effect of Haier air purifier is very good, it also depends on the right adaptation filter element!


  • FOB Price: US $3 - 20 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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    Characteristics of Haier air purifier.

    Haier air purifier features  - innovation!

    Haier launched air purifier flagship "purification efficiency, healthy life", contains more than ten items of industry leading technology, not only in operation into the intelligence of the most popular wifi control way, and also used in the design of double impeller fan, both sides all around in the wind, accelerate the indoor air circulation, ensure all around, no dead Angle purification. In addition, according to reporter understanding, the named "star of health" of products in the aspect of health also has many features, it is equipped with anion generator, negative ion "vitamin", is widely regarded as the air is a kind of using their own the anion in air purification, dust removal, in addition to flavor, sterilization of the device, make the room Air pure and fresh and natural.


    Haier air purifier and its adaptive filter.

    We learn haier air purifier is an innovative air purifier, at the same time, its ability is very good, in addition to formaldehyde and can be produced by normal manufacturer efficient active carbon filter to remove haze and formaldehyde, its unique catalytic decomposition technique is a major bright spot, and the design of the air purifier is haier has the scientific and technological content, have been able to achieve the intelligent operation.




    Evaluation: Haier air purifier decomposition formaldehyde machine digital display?

    1. Appearance design: very fashionable and simple, pure white and elegant.

    2. Purification effect: very intelligent, a little smoke wafts over to accelerate the purification immediately, not long after you see the pm value continues to decrease the noise size:

    It's very smart, and it's really quiet when the air is good. Before going to bed at night, I just need to say to Xiao Ai in the living room, "Xiao Ai, please help me adjust all the air purifiers at home to sleep mode."

    Choose products according to square meters

    The size of the room also determines the size of the purifier you choose. Generally speaking, larger purifiers have stronger capacity. For example, a room of 15m3 should choose an air purifier of 120m3/h. So YOU ALSO SHOULD BE CLEAR BEFORE BUYING AFTER ALL THE SITTING ROOM IS USED OR THE BEDROOM WITH SMALLER AREA IS USED. At the same time, you can also choose products with humidifying effect or aromatherapy effect according to your needs to meet your needs.


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