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hepa h13 pm2.5 activated carbon air filter cartridge replacement for xiaomi air purifier

Short Description:

Suitable for Xiaomi air purifier composite filter element filter 1st generation/2nd generation/3rd generation/Pro with identification chip to remove haze, formaldehyde and particle removal filter consumable.

Silver ions are antibacterial and tend to remove formaldehyde, and copper ions are antiviral mainly to remove haze and dust.

Product Detail

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Product Suitable for Xiaomi air purifier composite filter element filter
Performance Capture small particles pm2.5, anti-bacterium & anti-virus,
and eliminate indoor odors, etc.
Efficiency E10、E11、E12、 H13、H14 (99.5-99.99%)
Size φ290*H200
Colour Green / Blue
Material Composite PET+PP, Antibacterial Media, Activated carbon ,
Deodorized particles.(HEPA + Activated Carbon Honrycomb)
Application for Any brand Household air purifier
Life time 4-7month
Certification ISO9001
Package PP Bag + Carton Box

Filter Structure:

This filter element for Xiaomi air purifier belongs to the category of composite filter element. Its main structure is divided into four layers:

The first layer is nylon mesh (high-density mesh holes, effectively filtering hair, dust and other larger particles in the air); the second layer is HEPA filter cotton (effectively filtering dust, pollen dust, textile fibers and other microorganisms and fine particles) Particulate matter); the third layer is the activated carbon filter layer (which can quickly absorb toxic and harmful nano-scale small molecular polar substances such as formaldehyde and aniline); the fourth layer: stable metal mesh, also called PP mesh (stabilizing the overall product, preventing structural deformation)


Those of us who pursue the quality of life have the same strict requirements on the air quality of our homes. We can also maintain a happy mood when living in good air.

This Xiaomi air purifier composite filter element is suitable for Xiaomi purifier 1st generation/2nd generation/3rd generation/Pro, and comes with identification chip, copper ion anti-virus and haze removal, silver ion antibacterial and aldehyde removal, the service life of the composite filter is 6 -9 months, we need to prepare to replace the filter element before the end of its life, to avoid us being a human flesh purifier!

High-efficiency four-layer filter can effectively filter harmful substances such as formaldehyde dust in the air, layer-by-layer filtration, adsorption and inactivation, multiple large-capacity filters, layered and progressive purification, large space purification, easy to breathe fresh air, strong wind output , Circulating the whole house without dead ends, so that the families can enjoy healthy breathing every moment with peace of mind.

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