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Hpa300 Hepa Replacement Filter R For Air Purifiers Honeywell Hpa300 Series Replacement Filter

Short Description:

True Hepa Filter for Honeywell air purification technology can be divided into turbulent flow system and laminar flow system according to the different way of air delivery.

(1) Turbulence system (Multi-Directional Manner) : Inlet turbulent flow system and high efficiency filter in ceiling, return air side of the mouth in the lower part or side wall, Hpa300 True Hepa filters and air treatment is simpler, expansion of convenient, cost is low, but the air changes little, generally is 10 ~ 50 times/h, easy to produce eddy current, pollution particles may be in the interior vortex suspension loop flow, air pollution, reduce indoor purification degree. Only applicable to NASA standard 10 000 to 10 000 000 class purification chamber.

(2) Laminal Flow System; The laminar flow system takes particles and dust out of the operating room through the return air outlet with uniform distribution and appropriate flow rate. There is no eddy current, so there is no floating dust. The Honeywell Hpa300 Series Replacement Filter purification degree increases with the increase of air change times, and it is suitable for the 100-level operating room according to the NASA standard. But the filter seal damage rate is relatively large, and the cost is higher.

  • FOB Price: US $3 - 20 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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    Replacement Honey Well Hepa Filter Efficient and safe operating room air purification system .

    To ensures a sterile environment in the operating room, which can meet the requirements of organ transplantation, heart, blood vessels, artificial joint replacement and other operations.

    Air filtration of Hepa Filter Kj550f - Pac2156w is the most effective, safe, economical and convenient means of sterilization. The use of appropriate filters can ensure that the clean operating room can achieve the required concentration of dust and bacteria from Hepa 13 Filter for Honeywell at a reasonable operating cost. Usually the whole clean operating room purification air conditioning system is equipped with three levels of air filtration. The first stage of air filtration should be set at the fresh air outlet, the second stage should be set at the positive pressure section of the system, and the third stage should be set at the end of the system. If the independent fresh air system is used, it is also required to set up three levels of filtration, and the last level of filtration is at least a sub-high efficiency air filter.

    Honeywell Air Filter performance:

    Honeywell _The good performance of terminal air filter is the guarantee of indoor sterile environment, and the reasonable configuration of filter system can prolong the service life of terminal air filter, so that the resistance growth of three-stage filter system is stable. Although as early as in the 1980s, it has been proved that the filter with colorimetric efficiency of 90% ~ 95% (equivalent to the high efficiency to sub-high efficiency filter in China) can filter out 99.9% of all bacteria in the hospital, but the latest revision of the hospital ventilation standards in various countries generally has the trend of improving the filtration efficiency. The Standard emphasizes that Class I, II and III clean operating rooms must be equipped with HEPA filters. Sub-hepa filters are permitted only in Class IV clean operating rooms. Considering that the clean operating room is a guarantee system, the electrostatic purifier should not be set at the end of the air supply.

    Honeywell Filter grades:

    The concept of three-level filtering is a complete concept, and reasonable configuration of filtering system is the most effective measure. In order to play the overall efficiency of the system, each level of filter selection and location Settings can not be ignored, if you neglect a link, or a level of filter Settings do not match, will make the three level filter replacement period is unreasonable, resulting in poor overall filtration efficiency and other problems. There are few filter media and filter varieties in the high school efficiency range, and the filter performance of the middle efficiency filter set in the air conditioning box is mostly low, which cannot effectively protect the terminal high efficiency filter, affect its service life. Although the main performance of the terminal filter for clean operating room is efficiency, its other properties will also affect the sterility of the indoor environment, which should be carefully selected. Under normal circumstances, the filter will not be infested. In order to eliminate the possibility of bacterial breeding, the material used in the filter should be hydrophobic, and can not choose organic materials, such as the frame of plywood or wood filter; If the end filter device has a separator filter, should exclude the separator is kraft paper or coated paper products, aluminum separator is better; If the end filter device uses no separator filter, it is not suitable to use the product with cotton thread as separator. In addition, the service cycle of filter device should not be too long.

    Honeywell Air filter points to note:

    Note that a filter should be set at the return air outlet. If the indoor pressure allows, a medium effect filter should be set at the return air outlet. Due to the operation of the personnel in the clean operation room and the cleaning work before and after operation, the return air may contain more hair and textile fibers, etc., which are especially easy to deposit on the pipe through the return air pipeline, causing dust accumulation and fungus. Or deposited on the coil, affecting the heat transfer efficiency, or even blocked, reduce the air volume. The return air port filter can also be used to establish positive pressure more easily.

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