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manufacture amazon hot sale home air purifier TIPON carbon hepa filter eliment replacement

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TIPON air purifier is a famous brand, the filter elements are provided by authoritative suppliers  [ ].

Through data monitoring by international authoritative institutions, its purification efficiency CADR values are as follows:

1. The removal rate of PM2.5 reached 99.99%;

2. formaldehyde removal rate reached 98.49%;

3. Cigarettes: 265 m3 / h;

4. Dust: 282 m3 / h;

5. Pollen: 299 m3 / h;

  • FOB Price: US $3 - 20 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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    How about TIPON air purifier?

    As the air pollution in big cities, the deterioration of the fog, the air purifying increasingly attention, as TIPON beings depends on the survival of the air, if there is air pollution, also have great influence for people's health, in an environment of constant temperature airtight air quality is bad, easy to cause dizziness, chest tightness, fatigue, emotional ups and downs the unwell symptom such as big, affect work efficiency, Cause a variety of diseases, serious can also cause cancer, so recently spread the hottest TIPON air purifier how? Does TIPON air purifier have good quality? Can it really purify the air?

    TIPON air filter structure:

    TIPON air purifier filter is a set of three pieces, HEPA net + removing formaldehyde net + activated carbon net, each one plays its role, making the dust in the air, formaldehyde and other harmful gases are adsorbed, so that your air becomes clear, and healthy!

    Usage experience:

    1. When you turn on the machine, it turns red, then orange, then blue. It does work. It's for your kid's allergic rhinitis. Looking forward to long-term use can be good for children's allergic rhinitis, turn on the negative ion function does feel that the air has become a lot of pure, is a good machine. It is not made into an experiment, but I think it is a good product. I believe in the technical level of the Machine from Germany and the technical level of the filter element supplier from China[ ] .

    2. Filter packaging is very good, has been used for more than a week to evaluate, the effect is really good! Originally home decoration for two years, the children's room has not lived, but the furniture is new, now ready to let the children live, the results with formaldehyde self-test instrument shows exceed the standard, and close the doors and Windows for a long time also smell, so I bought the purifier, with much fresh air, and self-test shows not to exceed, the value dropped a lot! I'll come back if I need it. Trust me!

    3. Finally moved to a new home, in addition to formaldehyde filter set, quickly install, use, the sound is very light, the effect is really good, with a sentence, the formaldehyde in the home significantly reduced a lot! Thank you very much for the formaldehyde removal filter element provided by this supplier!

    How to buy the genuine goods ?

    Buying air purifier filter element, please look for the source manufacturer [ ] !

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