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How to know the air filter Buying guide.

Whether the specific purification requirements are met  As far as air purifiers are concerned, purification function is the most concerned function. If your requirements for indoor air purifiers are only based on improving indoor air quality, you can choose the type of pure air purification and high cost performance.  With the increasing needs of people for the quality of life, their demand for air purifiers is no longer pure purification of indoor air. For example, those who work in a closed air-conditioned room, because the dehumidification effect of air conditioning makes the air in the room very dry, theskin also becomes dry, so when choosing an air purifier, they will choose a humidified air purifier with skin beauty function.  However, people who live in a large number of people for a long time and have large indoor pollution need to breathe fresh and bacteria-free air at a close distance. When choosing an air purifier, they will prefer a small K air purifier suitable for placing on the table. Among them, Sharp’s “desktop high depth net ion group air purifier filter“ 

Post time: Oct-14-2022