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On the importance of air purifier filter

People who have learned about air purifiers know that the filter directly determines the strength of filtration and purification capacity. The filter effect of air purifier is closely related to the selection and collocation of filter screen. What should be paid attention to when choosing an air purifier?

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Generally speaking, the filter can be divided into three grades: primary effect filter, medium effect filter, high efficiency filter, the higher the grade, the better the filtering effect, but the corresponding wind resistance will be greater, so the higher the density of the filter, the higher the overall performance requirements of the motor and new fan.

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Primary effect filter: mainly used for filtering dust particles over 5 microns. Such as hair, pollen, willow catkins and other visible particles, the primary effect filter can improve the life of the high efficiency filter, and reduce wind resistance.

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Medium effect filter: mainly collects 1-5 micron particulate dust and various suspended matter, is the front end filter of high efficiency filter, to reduce the load of high efficiency filter, prolong its service life.

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High efficiency filter: mainly capture 0.5 micron particles of dust and various suspended matter, not only can remove smoke and dust, but also can isolate bacterial pollutants.

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In the air purifier, the primary effect, medium effect, high efficiency filter net is not generally used alone, but two or three kinds of use together. The air purifier with more than two layers of filter can achieve better air filtration effect. High efficiency filter determines the purification efficiency, high efficiency filter is HEPA, to HEPA standard filter, can filter the vast majority of 0.3 micron above dust.

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Post time: Mar-12-2022