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Oem ture hepa filter Replacement Air Filter Fzc100hfu For Sharp Kc850u Air Purifier Hepa Filter

Short Description:

SHARP air purifier is developed by SHARP 2000 air purifier, the patent “net ionic group of” active air purification technology, and combined with multiple screen potent adsorption purification, can efficiently remove bacteria, viruses, formaldehyde, bad breath, soot, dust mites, secondhand smoke, such as air pollution, and can make indoor purification of whole space can be effective. In addition, high concentration of net ion group there are three skin effect. Humidification air purifier is a multi-functional machine integrating “purification + humidification + intelligence”.

  • FOB Price: US $3 - 20 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    HEPA Filter for Sharp

    Oem ture hepa filter Replacement Air Filter Fzc100hfu For Sharp Kc850u Air Purifier Hepa Filter.

    Household air purifier Fz-a41hfr Fz-a41dfr Fz-a61mfr Air Purifier Hepa Carbon Filter Replacement For Sharp Kc-a40euw Kc-a40e

    Name: Sharp KC-WE20-W  / Fzc100hfu / Kc-a40euw Kc-a40e

    G.W: 9.48kg


    ORIGINAL: China


    Type: Household air purifeir


    Feature: Dust removal, sterilization, in addition to formaldehyde, humidification

    Product categories

    Sharp air purifier

    (1) From the use of occasions, can be divided into: household air purifier, medical air purifier, beauty parlor air purifier. Car air purifier, tabletop air purifier, large indoor air purifier.

    (2) From the functional points, can be divided into: pure purification air purifier, humidification (intelligent) air purifier, antibacterial skin air purifier. [1]

    Folding vehicle type

    Sharp IG-B series: vehicle type

    Sharp IG-B series: vehicle type

    Sharp IG-B series is a vehicle-type anti-bacterial skin air purification, which can remove car odor, bacteria, viruses, other odor and other pollution.

    At present, there is only IG-BC2S-B model in China, which is black and imported from Thailand.

    Appearance design

    The shape is designed according to the size of the cup holder inside the car, and the material is made of high temperature resistant material. The "high concentration net ion swarm" generator developed by Sharp in recent years is adopted, with a concentration of up to 25,000 / cubic centimeter, and the ion generator needs to be replaced after using for about 17,500 hours (8 hours/day x 6 years). Has been proved to have "skin moisturizing, enhance skin elasticity, delicate skin lines" three major skin effect. Often used in cars, business gifts, fashion gifts.

    Folding table type

    Sharp IG-A series for the "high concentration of net ion group" air purifier, net ion concentration of up to 25,000 / cubic centimeter, remove bacteria, viruses, peculiar smell, dust mites, second-hand smoke and other pollution ability is stronger, but also has "skin moisturizing, enhance skin elasticity, fine skin lines" three skin beauty.


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