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Replacement Pm2.5 Carbon Hepa Filter Fz-y30sfe For Sharp Kc-930eu-w Kc930 Fuz31ew Fuz31 Fuy31e

Short Description:

Panasonic filter series products

1. Folding net color series

Panasonic Air purifier series F-PDF35C, the best-selling model in the market, the main functions:

Fine water ion + clean smoke function + sleep mode 8 hours + air volume mode + filter replacement reminder

Clean smoke function: New clean smoke function, can quickly sense the smell of cigarettes, and under the rapid timing mode, continuous high-speed operation for 10 minutes, faster purification of indoor cigarette smell.

Air VOLUME MODE: LOW, medium, rapid, automatic four air volume mode, you can choose the operation mode you want according to the indoor pollution, so as to achieve a good clean room air.

Filter replacement reminder: no longer need to worry about filter retention period and affect the use of problems.

2. Folding net enjoy series

Panasonic air purifier net enjoy series include F-VXD50C-W, F-PXC50C-W, the main functions:

Fine water ion + humidification function + three-dimensional circulation air flow + filter


  • FOB Price: US $3 - 20 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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    Panasonic filter purification technology

    1, nanoe nano water ions

    nanoe is also called nano water ions, which are electrically charged water purification particles created by applying high voltage to separate water molecules. It contains a large amount of water and OH free radicals, which has the effect of removing bacteria, deodorizing, inhibiting mold, inhibiting allergens and decomposing PM2.5.

    In addition to the bacteria

    According to SGS test report, nanoe(nano-water ion) can remove Staphylococcus aureus.

    Deodorization :nanoe(nano water ion) in OH free radicals, can be combined with the root of the odor of ammonia (N), combined into ammonia (NH3) and water, to remove the odor of the role.

    Inhibition of mold: According to SGS testing report, nanoe(nano water ions) can inhibit the growth of mold.

    Inhibition of pollen allergens: According to the SGS test report, nanoe(nano-water ion) can combine with allergic proteins in pollen, make them inactive, and achieve the effect of inhibition of allergens.

    2, disinfection certification

    Guangdong Matsushita Environmental System Co., LTD., the manufacturer of Panasonic air purifier, has obtained the "Disinfection Product Production Enterprise Health License" Yuewei elimination certificate No. [1269];

    3. Bactericidal and antibacterial technology

    The black mesh on the screen surface of Panasonic Air Sanitizer adds an antibacterial coating to inhibit E. coli.

    4. Anti-allergens

    Certified by Allergy UK, the Panasonic air purifier reduces cigarette smoke, house dust mites, mould, bacteria, pollen and allergens for dogs and cats.

    5. Humidification function

    Panasonic air purifier is specially equipped with humidification function, non-fog gasification humidification, with the clean air diffusion, net embellish more uniform.

    Compound filter structure:

    Name Panasonic air purifier filter
    Type Multifunctional air filter replacement
    Function Purify air and sterilize bacteria
    Application Home, medical, office environment, hotel, etc

    Panasonic Air Purifier manual?

    1. First of all, we need to connect the plug of Panasonic air purifier to the power supply. At this time, the indicator light will be on for a while, we can hear a "beep", and then all the indicators will be off.

    2. Turn on the switch button of Panasonic air purifier. At this time the Panasonic air purifier power indicator, AUTO and other indicators will light up.

    3. At this time, you can choose the fast mode for the Panasonic air purifier, which is a mode that can clean the air at a fast speed. Then press AUTO to start the automatic mode, and the Panasonic air purifier will start to run.

    4. In automatic mode, if there is insufficient light in the environment, Panasonic air purifier will actively switch to night mode after 3 minutes; Then, in good light, the Panasonic air purifier automatically returns to normal mode after five minutes.

    5. You can choose the wind speed required by Panasonic air purifier. Press FAN SPEED to adjust the appropriate wind speed.

    6. When you exit the Panasonic air purifier, press the switch button to close the product.

    Hospital operating room air purification system

    The air pressure in the operating room varies according to the cleanliness requirements of different areas (such as operating room, sterile preparation room, brushing room, anesthesia room and surrounding clean area, etc.). Different levels of laminar flow operating rooms have different air cleanliness standards. For example, the US Federal standard 1000 is the number of dust particles ≥0.5μm per cubic foot of air, ≤1000 or ≤35 particles per liter of air. The standard for class 10000 laminar flow operating room is the number of dust particles ≥0.5μm per cubic foot of air, ≤10000 or ≤350 particles per liter of air. And so on. The main purpose of ventilation in the operating room is to eliminate the exhaust gas in each working room; Ensure the necessary amount of fresh air in all workplaces; Remove dust and microorganisms; Maintain necessary positive pressure in the room. There are two mechanical ventilation modes that can meet the ventilation requirements of the operating room. Mechanical air supply and exhaust: This ventilation mode can control the number of air exchange, air exchange and indoor pressure, and the ventilation effect is better. Mechanical air supply and natural exhaust are used, and the ventilation and frequency of this ventilation method are limited, and the ventilation effect is not as good as that of the former. The cleanliness level of operating room is mainly distinguished by the number of dust particles and biological particles in the air. Currently, the most commonly used is the NASA classification standard. Purification technology through positive pressure purification supply air flow control cleanliness to achieve the purpose of sterility.

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