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wholesale air purifier price h13 h14 hepa pm 2.5 activated carbon portable filter

Short Description:

The combined filter is arranged in sequence according to the matching situation of the wind system and combined with the requirements of the purification function.

By each individual primary effect filter, HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, antibacterial filter and other combinations placed in the purifier. General high-end air purifiers will use combined filter.

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Combined filter net structure:

Because of the combined filter is layered, so each layer of the filter can be strengthened and weakened, which for air purifier manufacturers, will be more flexible for different products and separate design of the filter. For example, the air purifier designed for haze can appropriately weaken the thickness of activated carbon and other filters to maintain the same volume to strengthen the thickness of HEPA filter.

Combined filter adaptation models: Panasonic, TIPON 325, Blue air  AV200/300, etc. (welcome to customize)

How to choose air purifier?

1. Considering the use of the environment and to achieve the effect. General indoor air pollution is :

(1) dust, virus, bacteria, mold and mites and other allergens;

(2) organic volatile gases, such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, etc.;

(3) Radioactive pollution caused by radon gas and its daughters released from ground and building decoration materials. So, choose air purification products, should consider its function and effect.

2. The purification capacity of the air purifier should be considered. If the room is larger, the air purifier with larger air volume per unit time should be selected. Generally speaking, larger purifiers have higher purification capacity. For example, a room of 30 square meters should choose an air purifier of 120 cubic meters per hour. You can refer to the sample or instructions to choose.

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