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0.5 micron cartridge Carbon air filter for automotive car air condition filter system

Short Description:

Conception of Automotive air condition filter system:

The car air filter is made from 3M’s unique polypropylene micro-static fiber, which by itself does not encourage bacterial growth. It adopts electrostatic fiber filtration technology, which has a high filtration effect and can effectively remove harmful dust, TVOC, benzene, phenol, ammonia, formaldehyde, xylene, styrene and other organic gases that cannot be seen by the naked eye. It has a fluffy structure, which can deeply accommodate dust, with low resistance and effectively prolong the service life. 3M Automotive Air Filters are easy to install and feature exceptional functionality designed to create a safe and comfortable breathing environment.

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Product Category:

Category is divided into single effect air conditioner filter & double effect air conditioner filter.

(1) Single-effect air condition filter

Performance: Effective filtration against outdoor dust, pollen and other particles

Features : Effective economical, basically meet daily filtration demand .

(2) Dual-function filter

Performance: Filtering the particles, ammonia, SOX, TVOCS

Features : Multiple function for both particle filtration and odor filtration.

Product function:

The car air conditioner filter can absorb the fine particles (such as dust, dust, etc.) that are invisible to the naked eye floating in from the outside of the car, and remove unpleasant odors and gas odors. When these tiny particles get inside the vehicle, not only can they cause allergies to car occupants, but they can also grow mold and breed bacteria in the air conditioning system (HVAC system), causing the car to emit odors when it starts heating or cooling. The car air conditioning filter can not only eliminate these odors in one fell swoop, but also eliminate allergy problems (such as tearing, itching and other symptoms) caused by fine particles in the driver and passengers. The compound filter can also filter the exhaust gas emitted by cars and tractors, thereby cutting off the source of foreign odors entering the interior of the car, so that the air inside the car is always kept fresh.

In addition, the car air conditioning filter also has the function of effectively protecting the car air conditioning system. From the comparison of the two pictures below, we can clearly see the difference in the air conditioning system (electric heating/cooling system) of the car with the car air conditioning filter and the car without this device.

Vehicles without car air conditioning filters will continue to draw in air containing impurities from the outside, which will not only make the air conditioning system moldy and produce odors, but also reduce the heating or cooling efficiency of the air conditioning system.

In order to prevent outside polluted air from entering the vehicle, drivers and passengers are generally accustomed to setting the in-vehicle air conditioning system to an internal circulation mode that prevents the inflow of outside air. However, if the air conditioner in the car runs in the internal circulation mode for a long time, the oxygen content in the car will drop, which will make the passengers feel tired and sleepy. In addition, this can cause fog to appear on the window glass. The use of car air conditioning filters will easily solve the above problems, ensuring that passengers in the car can breathe fresh air from the outside.


The most important point is that the air conditioning filter system installed in the car is the foundation, but don't forget to replace the filter regularly. Because the life of the filter is about 4 to 8 months, if it is not replaced in time, the driver and passengers will act as a human filter, which is far more harmful to the human body than the outside of the car, because the car space is small, dust will be concentrated in the car. Please pay attention to health and love life.

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