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Hepa H13 Cartridge Activated Carbon Air Filter Replacement For Honeywells Air Purifier Kj550f Parts Cmf55m4010

Short Description:

Adapter brand Honeywell (HON)
model 18250 air purifier filter
type Air purifier filters replacement
color White /Blue/ Purple/ Customized

  • FOB Price: US $3 - 20 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Specification parameter

    Place of origin China
    The material ABS
    Net weight (kg) 0.5kg
    Gross weight (kg) 1kg
    Rated voltage (v) 220v
    Rated power (w) 95w
    Length of power cable (m) 3m
    Product size (mm) OD316/300mm×ID186mm×H182mm
    Package size (mm) 325mm×190mm
    Noise (db) According to the air purifier

    20(quiet)- 50(extreme strong wind) dB

    Applicable area m2 31-50m2

    三.Functional parameter

    Purification way 99% or higher
    Formaldehyde removal rate (%) 99.95% or higher
    In addition to the benzene rate (%) 99.95% or higher
    Filter particles 0.3 the particle
    Filter screen update reminder support
    Antibacterial function support
    Purifying air rate (%) 229M3/h
    Filtering VTOC (%) 6 mg/m3
    Purification indicator light There is no
    Sleep patterns Does not support
    Automatic operation function Does not support
    Net function of smoke Does not support
    Fan Speed Setting support
    Air volume Speed, Standard, mute
    Timing mode Does not support
    Power consumption (w) 95w
    Service life of filter screen Life time
    Remote control No
    Multilayer filter or not Yes


    How to choose the best and correct air filter replacement ?

    ● According to the state of the room

    Indoor smoke pollution is heavy, you can choose the air purifier with better dust removal effect. HEPA high density filter material is one of the most advanced air filter materials in the field of current air purification, can well filter and adsorption of more than 0.3 microns of pollutants, it has a strong purification capacity for soot, inhalable particles, bacteria and viruses, and additional catalytic active carbon for odor harmful gas purification effect is better.

    If the indoor smoke is less, the plasma air purifier can be considered. It has stronger killing effect to the bacterial virus in the air, and can quickly decompose the high polymer material with peculiar smell and pollution in the air. 

    ● Cleaning and replacement is also important

    Air purifiers and water purifiers need regular cleaning, replacement of filters, bile, etc., to maintain their purification effect. The PLACE THAT BASICALLY NEEDS CLEANNESS INCLUDES 1. Front FILTER SCREEN, CAN USE WITH VACUUM CLEANER THE DUST NEW WALK, PERHAPS CLEAN WITH RAG, WASH EVEN. 2 filter screen, part of the filter screen is needed to get regular ultraviolet disinfection under the sun, to ensure purification efficiency, such as activated carbon filter screen. 3. Ion generator, generally built-in, do not need to clean, better ion generator work efficiency is higher.

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